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Our Principles and Standards

Our approach to projects and assignments is based on using the most appropriate combination of expertise, choice of model and methodologies, working to the highest standards within available resources.
As specialist consultants we only accept business where we have the relevant expertise and time available for the specific assignment.  We do not sub-contract to, nor deploy, unqualified or inexperienced personnel on projects. This means we are de facto selective in the projects we undertake and clients can have total confidence that we will deliver, on time and to a high standard.

We seek to assist clients by the application of rigorous analysis and development of a robust evidence base for impact, including advising on how to present and interpret evidence. However  we do not accept assignments that are purely advocacy or which simply seek 'big numbers' for PR or other purposes in preference to rigorous analysis.

Our approach

We :

a) use only theoretical and applied methodologies that conform to recognised international, national and ( where applicable) local standards;

b) as far as possible ( subject only to resource constraints) populate the chosen model  with data that conforms to recognised statistical standards ( i.e EU, UN, World Bank publications);

c) wherever possible and applicable  we check and validate results against recognised test criteria;

d) present results in user-friendly and intelligible language;

e) advise and assist clients in the use and interpretation of results while acknowledging the right of the client to use the results in whatever way they choose .