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The Power of 8 - animation of headline results from the report


Animation with headlines from the University of Salford economic and social impact report


Visit the Viewforth Consulting YouTube Channel for videos about aspects of higher education impact 


Professor Walter McMahon of the University of Illinois discussing non-market impacts of higher education

Professor Paul Boyle of the ESRC talking about the Impact of higher education on regional economies research intitiative and why research into the impact of higher education is important.

Ursula Kelly speaking about the research on the economic impact of higher education

Professor Sir Jim McDonald discussing the role of universities in the economy

Other video interviews on the
Viewforth Consulting Channel include: Professor Phillip Gummett ( HEFCW), Professor Alan Hughes ( University of Cambridge), Dr Paul Benneworth ( University of Twente), Michael Kitson ( University of Cambridge), Professor Moira Munro ( University of Glasgow) and John McClelland ( SFC) 

 Visit the In-dig-o Network YouTube Channel for videos on aspects of text mining and text analytics value generation and related digital research issues.

Ursula Kelly discussing the economic issues surrounding the use of  text mining in UK higher education

Diane McDonald highlights some of the benefits of the use of text mining in academic research.

Victor Henning of Mendeley discussing the potential of text mining.

Other interviewees include Torten Reimer (JISC), Vic Lyte (Mimas), Stephen Pinfield ( University of Nottingham) and John McNaught ( NacTem)


Videos produced by Derek Copland for Viewforth Consulting and In.dig.O